Apps, utilities, and other things I've made.

All of these projects are open source, so if you find something interesting, take a look at its terrible code.

Programming projects

A sleek web client for the decentralized social platform Lemmy.


A social app created with Pocketbase where everything updates in real time.

Xylo logo
Xylo Bot

A general-purpose, moderation, translation, and utility Discord bot meant to handle all aspects of your server.

This Website!

My old portfolio was insanely ugly, I hoped to fix that with this one.

Anti Youtube Redirect

A Firefox extension that strips the tracking parts out of YouTube outbound links.

Random Utilities

A stupid little rust app to convert numbers between bases.


A Kotlin library to translate text through many providers


I host instances of many open source projects. I wouldn't use them as they can disappear at any time.

Libreddit logo

A private and fast frontend to Reddit. It does not require JS.

Gitea logo

Gitea is a git server that's easy to host.