Xylight | About

I'm James, and I make stuff.

I like to code stuff that other people can use. I use the programming languages Kotlin, TypeScript, and Rust. I am the opposite of a professional developer, don't take me seriously with the profile picture i use.

This site was created because my previous site was amazingly bad. i should be in jail for that crime of design. (here if you want to vomit.)

I've recently gotten into web design more, and I think I've improved a bit (certainly over that excuse of a website I mentioned.)

I doubt anyone would actually want to talk to me, but if you for some reason do, you can contact me through my socials on the right (or bottom), preferably Discord or my email.

I talk a lot in the Arch Linux and Microsoft Community (despite not using a single Microsoft product) Discord servers.

Wow, this is actually difficult to fill up this section since there's nothing interesting about me.